Fri, 03/31/2017 - 6:01pm
Spring Cleaning Games for Kids

With Spring’s arrival comes this irresistible urge to clean and declutter.  That gorgeous sunlight that comes streaming in through the windows might make you happy but also shines on the dust and dirt in corners and under furniture.  If you have kids (and pets) in the house, there always seems to be some kinds of mess.  So, do something about it! Instead of dreading this inevitable time of cleaning, round up your family and try out some of these Spring Cleaning GAMES.

Have a MESS? Don’t panic! First grab a TIMER and a few baskets, bins, or boxes; set the timer for whatever amount of time you choose (5 minutes perhaps); see who can who can put the most amount of stuff lying around in his/her basket.

Tag, you’re it! To keep the fun going, everyone should try to get their boxed up items into storage (or at least placed in a designated room in the house) before getting tagged by someone else.

It’s off to the races, the Silly Sweeper Races that is. Round up all the brushes and dustpans you have to see who can sweep their pile of dust, crumbs, or whatever else in on the floor into their bin the fastest.

Bring the games to the floor or table with Four in a Row, the board game that decides who gets to do what cleaning job. Materials needed? Cardstock, markers, and stickers. Just don’t get caught up in the fun of the game without doing the chores afterwards!  

Want your windows to be sparkling? Have the kids create a little Window Art with chalk or window markers and then they can wash it off.

Last, make sure everyone can take a break.  Break up cleaning jobs into smaller chunks of time to help keep the kids motivated and focused.  Before everyone knows it, the house will be clean and sparkly…even if just for that day.  

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