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Spring Break Travel Fitness: Tips to Stay in Shape while on the Road

It’s coming!  That longed-for, well-deserved Spring Break is almost here.  But just because it’s a break doesn’t mean you need to take a break from everything – including health and fitness.  While you should still plan on sleeping in, relaxing, taking it easy, etc. there are ways to sneak in exercise while you’re on the go.  Don’t just take our word for it.  Check out tips gathered from travel sites and fitness experts.    

1. When prepping for any trip, be sure to make room in your suitcase for workout gear.  Light weights, sneakers, a resistance band, or our hand-held OGODISKS are some great packing options.  

2. When in a new or familiar part of the world, what better way to explore than by foot.  The website PopSugar advises taking in the sights by joining a WALKING TOUR.  In some cases, you might even find a free tour.  Free or not, you’ll gain a new-found respect of the place you’re visiting and get a workout in at the same time. 

3. While you’re out wandering around, be sure not to nix the stairs.  There are a load of health benefits to stair climbing, including the significant calorie burn, enhanced blood flow, and decrease of tension.  Stairs also take you to great heights…literally.  You may huff and puff while going up them, but imagine the views you’ll be able to take in from the top. 

4. Another way to venture about is by BIKE.  You can opt for a bike tour or simply a bike rental so that you can go out on your own.  Many vacation spots offer both options.  If you’re curious about touring on wheels, JetSet Times recommends FAT TIRE BIKE TOURS as an engaging way to sightsee.  Hey, even the kids won’t complain about this mode of transportation!

5. While walking and biking will get you around town, use your travels as an excuse to try out a new sport.  Ever been curious about Oil Wrestling, Zorbing, or Bed Racing?  Maybe those sports are a bit wild, but there are many others you might find interesting.  The ORDINARY TRAVELER believes that “[t]aking a local sports class is by far the easiest way to stay fit while traveling AND experiencing local culture.”  If it’s too intimidating or time consuming to sign up for a class, you can always walk to an event and take notes.  

6. Staying fit while on the road isn’t only about exercise.  What you eat or drink plays a role too!  Your food should be your fuel.  Two Wandering Soles cites that no matter where you roam, you should be able to find BANANAS AND NUTS…the perfect combo of food to energize and nourish your body as you travel.  It’s also vital to drink water to keep you hydrated and help with cramping.  Water intake will also curb tendencies to snack.  (Stick to bottled water just to be on the safe side.)  Last, be sure to get enough sleep.  Whether on the plane to help avoid jetlag or in your hotel room, getting plenty of zzz’s will help you stay active throughout the day. 

However you enjoy your Spring Break, stressing about getting (or not getting) a workout in shouldn’t be part of it.  Sneak it in as part of your vacation and you might just learn something new while you’re at it.

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