Tue, 05/30/2017 - 4:18pm
School Yard Summer Fun

School’s out, but that doesn’t mean the outdoor recess games must be at an end.  In fact, Summer is your official excuse to play outdoors as much as possible – or at least as much as those pesky mosquitoes and dreaded humidity will allow.  Whether you’re a figure from the older generation or a youngin of the present, who doesn’t love GAMES?  If by chance the heat and somewhat relaxed schedule has your brain feeling a bit mushy trying to come up with outdoor game ideas, we’ve got you covered!

Red Tricycle presents classic school yard games that you and your family can try out this Summer.  From Sardines to Red Rover, these games will have everyone begging to get outside and play.  Dare we say the television will be forgotten?  Probably not, but at least you all will get a healthy dose of laughter and exercise while you’re at it.  Here are some examples of outdoor game ideas from their list:

1. Sardines – This old school game is very close to hide-n-seek, but adds everyone into the mix. No more squeals of “They left me out…” This game generally works best with a large group of kids. One child hides while the rest close their eyes and count. As the group fans out, each child hides as they find the secret spot. Before long the hiding place becomes fairly obvious as more and more kids find the spot and “hide” together. The last person to find the hiding spot is the one who hides in the next round.

2. Mother May I – One child becomes the “mother” or “father” and stands across the yard from the other kids, lined in a row. Each child takes a turn asking the “mother” if they may take a certain amount of steps. The mother either say yes and all of the kids take the amount of steps requested or no, and the kids stand still. The first person to reach the “mother” wins and becomes the mother in the next round. A fun variation on Mother May I can include other requests by the mother. For instance, a child may say “Mother May I take four steps” and the mother can say, “No, but you can hop on one leg four spaces.”

3. Foursquare – For those who remember this playground classic, you put kids in one of four quadrants of a larger square, with the head place being “King.” The King can make rules the others must follow throughout the game. Each player in the square must hit the ball once, based on the “rules” of the King. Once a person makes a mistake, they are out of the quadrant and sent to the back of the line and another player comes into the first quadrant. The goal is to reach the King quadrant. The rules are long and varied, so click here to refresh your memory.

Do these games have you curious for more?  Check out the complete list of Red Tricycle’s OLD SCHOOL YARD GAMES

If you’re hankering for a toy to include in those outdoor games, the OgoDisk H2O, the OgoDisk we designed especially for water balloon play! The disk’s uncomplicated shape enables even the youngest person to play with it in numerous ways.  Whether starting the best water balloon fight ever, playing tennis with friends, floating it in water at the beach or pool, tossing the disk like a Frisbee, or using it as a prop in a skit, you can use the H2O in countless classic or inventive games.  Who knows, maybe you’ll come up with your own “schoolyard” game?  

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