Sun, 07/30/2017 - 5:43pm
Hand Trampolines: A New Way to BOUNCE

TRAMPOLINES!  You gotta love them – at least until someone falls off or gets stuck in the springs.  Yikes!  We’ve all been there…  (Anyone ever double dog dared you to do a triple back flip?  Yep.  Epic fail.)  Nonetheless, these super duper springboards make for an amazing way to exercise or get into some creative ways to play. 

When the trampoline was first created in 1934 by George Nissen and Larry Griswold at the University of Iowa, the intention was to train astronauts and athletes to better their acrobatic skills.1 Little did they know how their bouncy invention would take to the everyday person! 

People all over the world are so fascinated by trampolines that even the Guinness Book of World Records has included some fantastic feats in their archives.  Get this:

The MOST PEOPLE on a trampoline at the same time to date is 310!

                        The HIGHEST trampoline bounce by a team is 22 feet 1 inch!

            The most consecutive SOMERSAULTS on a trampoline is 3,333!

The most BASKETBALL SLAM DUNKS on a trampoline is 28!

See any records you want to beat?  Good luck! 

With it being such a popular activity, you don’t have to wait long before someone eventually wipes out on a trampoline.  And there’s usually someone right there to capture it all on film.  Enjoy watching funny videos?  Look no further than America’s Funniest Videos for some springy funnies in action.  Even a squirrel and a bulldog get in on the fun!

Speaking of fun, what if you could condense the energy jolt of a trampoline bounce in the grip of your hand?  In other words, what if you could try your hand (pun intended) at a hand trampoline?  We call them OgoDisks and have a few varieties for all ages and abilities.  The Mezo OgoDisk is a 15 inch diameter foam disk with a nylon center perfect for bouncing the included OgoSoft ball back and forth with a partner or solo play.  The size of the disk makes it ideal for younger kids ages 3 and up in teaching hand/eye coordination on a larger surface area and the thin foam handle allows a better grip for smaller hands. 

For a more challenging play on a smaller surface, try out the Mini OgoDiskIts 12 inch center increases the level of difficulty as you try to hit the target area with the OgoSoft ball. 

If you’re looking to power up your swing, the OgoDisk RAQ combines the ease of the other disks with the addition of a handle.  Instead of an OgoSoft Ball, the RAQ comes with a Flux Ball complete with three tails you can adjust to change the ball’s speed and direction.     

Our newest (and splashiest) OgoDisk out this year is the OgoDisk H2O which was designed specifically for water balloon play.  Invent a new game, toss them back and forth, or have a good old fashioned water balloon fight...the possiblities are endless with H2O. Plus, everyone will stay nice and cool all Summer long!   

While you can’t actually bounce on OgoDisks like a regular trampoline, they travel well and are great for active play on the go! Who knows, maybe someone will start a new Guinness World Record in the world of hand trampolines?  

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