Thu, 08/31/2017 - 9:28pm
Fall in Love with POD

Is it just us or is the weather starting to change?  Yep, that’s right, Fall is here and that means crisper days ahead.  Though outdoor play days shouldn’t be ruled out just yet, when the weather turns cool people turn indoors.  That means it’s time to have to play ideas ready on hand to keep your house from becoming a disaster zone and the kids from saying “We’re bored.” 

What if you could have it all this Fall?  A chaotic free house AND happy, engaged kids?  Keep boredom at bay with the OgoBILD POD!  Just like the other toys in our BILD line, the POD key component centers on “the world’s first building ball,” also known as the OgoBILD ball.  Each ball is flexible and rubbery with holes that allow for pieces to connect to it.  The idea is simple: take balls and connectors to build structures and make it so that the player is in control, not the toy.  When kids realize that they are the ones in control of what they make, their imaginations and creativity will start to kick into high gear!

Each POD kit includes 12 BILD balls and 30 24-inch plastic rods.  Since some of the parts are small, we don’t advise tykes three and under to play with the pieces.  But, even if one of the balls or rods touches their little mouths (we know how some kids really like to “test” things out) you should be happy to know both are non-toxic and latex free

Now that we’ve gotten through the safety features of the POD  (yaddah yaddah yaddah) you may be wondering about what you can actually DO with it.  That brings us to what inspired us in the naming of the BILD line.  In German, “bild” means image.  We thought, why not literally build or create what you see or imagine.  With POD, you can use the plastic rods and rubbery balls to design all sorts of 3 dimensional objects that can literally bounce without breaking apart.   A few structural ideas are:

·         Rocketship

·         Geometric bouncing Balls

·         Intergalactic Space Station (Isn’t a new Star Wars movie coming out soon?)

·         Play Fort (Hint: Add a simple bed sheet on top for even more fun!)

·         Highway for toy cars to drive between the plastic rods

·         Reading Nook

Believe it or not, play isn’t just for the home.  There are even ways to inspire creativity and thinking in the school classroom!  We were pretty psyched when we discovered We Are Teacher’s post on the use of POD as a team building and mathematical tool.  Working together in teams of two or more, students were encouraged to complete some creative math activities such as: 1. designing parallel, perpendicular, and intersecting structures; 2. using the metric system to measure tube lengths; and 3. playing around with the concept of symmetry by building side-by-side symmetrical objects. 

Check out more about POD and other Fort Play Fun in Smart Toy's Top 6 Fort Building Kits!

Whether at home or in the classroom, we challenge you to try out a unique creative play toy and Fall in Love with POD.  Your kids – and your house – will thank you!      

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