Mon, 01/30/2017 - 4:43pm
Clear Out the Clutter: Tips to Getting (and staying) Organized

Do you have that pile; you know the pile of random stuff in a corner you hope nobody notices?  It just keeps growing and growing – or you just keep shuffling and reshuffling it around – until there are little clone piles around the house.  We understand.  Families = stuff, and lots of it, from school books to paper trails to all those mismatched socks scattered about.  Though you know the clutter exists, sometimes it’s exhausting just thinking about clearing it up. Our advice: just take it one step (or pile) at a time.  We also recommend checking out the following webpages on tips to organize your home.  Sure, there are a gazillion websites and tips out there, but these sites offers plenty of much needed help and ideas to get you going on clearing out and organizing all that clutter.  Trust us, it’ll make you feel better and once it’s done you’ll have all that time to get outdoors and play!

1. For all those times the kids leave or come trudging through the mudroom with their winter gear on: Use a woven or mesh basket to store gloves, mittens, scarves, and hats.  It will keep everything together – and hopefully prevent you from having to use mismatched gloves – while helping air circulation.  Good Housekeeping

2. If you come across any object that’s empty, broken, or simply never used…it’s probably time to either give it away or throw it in the trash.  Watch those piles of stuff slowly start to disappear! Woman’s Day

3. Don’t be afraid to label! Put specific names on your things before storing them.  Do not be tempted to label anything miscellaneous which will make it a pain to deal with later on.  Oprah

4. Choose a “home” for your things.  Pick specific places where to put items like newspapers, books, toys, etc. and make it a habit to put things in their designated spots before they start to clutter.  The Organized Home

5. Keep a box in your car to fill with items you do not need anymore.  Once that box or container is filled, drive it to a local charitable organization such as Goodwill or Salvation Army.  Real Simple

What are you waiting for? Declutter that clutter! Trust us, it’ll make you feel better and once it’s done you’ll have all that time to get outdoors and play!

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