Sun, 07/30/2017 - 8:59pm
Back to School Toys: Sneak Fun into Learning!

Either the most dreaded or fantastic words ever spoken this time of year: Back to SchoolWhatever your emotions on this subject are, school is an inevitable part at the end of Summer.  (Unless you’re of the rare set that goes to school year round.)  To help your kids ease out of their adventurous, carefree, can-wake-up-when-I-want-to-wake-up Summer schedules to the more rigid routines of school, why not introduce to them something you may or may not have heard of…TOYS!  Just joking.  Of course you’ve heard of toys!  But…have you come across toys that will get your kids ready to go back to school

Since subjects like Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies are all part of every school’s curriculum and cannot be tossed aside like wadded up gum wrappers, give kids confidence and help them enjoy learning by introducing some educational toys, gadgets, and gizmos. 

Toy expert Elizabeth Werner wants to do just that in her Back to School Toys video review for Huffington Post.  Even with her own kids, she’s happy to provide doodads that allow them to play without realizing that they’re learning.  From LeapFrog’s Learn to Read programs and interactive maps, robotic Hex Bugs happily skittering about, to Paper Jamz cool guitars, hands-on play becomes hands-on learning.  Even PlayDoh makes the grade with Elmo teaching shapes and numbers. 

Of course we have to get in on the mix, too!  Do you have kids curious about constructive play with buildable parts?  Check out Nexus, a constructive set that is part of our OgoBILD line of toys which offers a stimulating opportunity for constructive play and imaginative exploration.  With over 90 different attachments, Nexus offers maximum play value. With attachments like wheels, a scoop, hands, feet, wings, springs and more, the possibilities for creations are endless! Build a flying Martian, a hovering robot, or objects that fly, drive, and spin!   

If you’re an adult and you’ve got the itch to get something too, IT Business Edge offers Twenty-Five Back-to-School Gadgets You May Just Want for Yourself.  Not just for the kiddos, right?  We’re talking smart pens, scanners, interchangeable phone cases, even an alarm clock on wheels.  You name it, the list goes on and on.  

See, now you can tell your kids this time of year isn't so terrible after all.  Even you might get something out of the deal besides some much needed peace and quiet.  

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