Thu, 08/31/2017 - 9:34pm
Back to School Toys: Learning In and Out of the Classroom

With Labor Day over and done there’s sadly nothing to keep the inevitable from happening: Back to School.  As the famous Dr. Seuss possibly once said: “Don’t cry because it’s over.  Smile because it happened.”  And if by chance you doubt that he actually said that, here’s some motivation straight from Oh the Places You’ll Go: “You're off to great places. Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So... get on your way.”  Inspired yet? 

Back to school brings change to any family from new schedules to all the new stuff that starts to pile up.   (Pssst… In case you’re looking for ways to clean up the clutter we recommend some light reading: Getting Organized for the School Days Ahead.)  Not all new stuff is bothersome though.  When it comes to Back to School items, we’ve got a few toys we hope you’ll make room in your house.  You may be surprised that they can actually help your kids in their quest for learning or in their unwinding from it. 

For starters, imagine your kid comes home from school rattling on and on about stars, planets, and how an astronaut is absolutely most definitely what he or she wants to be as a grownup.  Even if you only get a word or two but you have a hunch Space might be of interest, we’ve got a kit that will let your out-of-this-world minded child create and build a galactic space station or rocket ship.  Whatever the interest, the OgoBILD Pod with its connective tubes and interchangeable rubber balls allows kids and adults to design all sorts of flexible structures.  When needing a place to unwind from all the busyness school brings, the Pod can be formed into a fort to hide out and relax.

Being able to build something with their own hands will inspire kids to keep on creating and sharing what they’ve made.  How many times have you heard your kids say, “Hey mom (or dad), look what I made?”  Nothing better than that, unless it’s a big mess!  What if they wanted to make their own movies?  In school, kids are asked to make presentations that often involve computers, cameras, or other forms of technology.  If they're interested in films, why not introduce them to the world of stop motion animation?  The OgoBILD with AnimateIt! Studio Kit  combines the constructive line of BILD toys with the computer software of Aardman Studios to teach the basics of stop motion animation and allow kids to make their own animated movies.  Go ahead, impress your kids AND their teachers with films they’ve made right from their own computer.  They can even share them with the world on our site OgoBILD Shorts!

Last but not least, learning does not stop in the classroom or home.  The great outdoors is the perfect place two essential parts of learning: physical activity and creative play.  The OgoDisk FORA IV is part of our award-winning line of hand trampolines that’ll get the whole family jumping, yelling, and running in no time. (Just to let you know, the FORA IV is a 2015 LIMITED edition design. It features a fun, psychedelic trampoline pattern, available for a limited time only.) Give your kids a break from the books or computer with a set of ogodisks then set them loose in the backyard and watch the magic happen. 

Back to school never sounded so good, right?     

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