Thu, 08/31/2017 - 9:32pm
Back to School Tips: Keeping Your Kids Active on the Weekend

It’s Saturday morning.  Do you know where your kids are??? (Key twilight zone music).  If your family is like most families, you either have A. young kids wired and wide awake at 7 in the morning even on the weekends or B. teenagers buried under covers still fast asleep in bed or C. a mixture of both.  Whether you fall into the A, B, or C category, the weekends give families a chance to relax and hang out together, especially once school starts up.  But hanging out doesn’t necessarily mean sitting around like couch potatoes the whole time. Keeping your kids active on the weekend doesn’t have to be a chore.  There are FUN ways to get up and get moving so that your downtime will be all the more relaxing and enjoyable.

Starting out in the morning, even if your kids are early risers the first part of the day is not the easiest time to move around.  Looking for ways to encourage your kids to get up and not be grumpy about it?  For instance, why not create a fastest and best dressed contest or send the dog in to lick their faces.  That should at least get some laughs in.  For more ideas, check out Café Mom’s THE STIR to get kids moving in the mornings.

Okay, okay you might be thinking “Now what?  What do we do once they’re up?”  Good question!  Now we have one in return.  Did you know that chores (yes chores!) are an awesome way to promote fitness?  We are literally giving you a healthy excuse to get your kids to clean their rooms and other parts of the house.  Some kids naturally enjoy cleaning up; others not so much.  Whether they enjoy it or not, doing chores around the house can actually be pretty cool if you put a little effort into making it so.  We love Scholastic’s post on 9 WAYS TO MAKE HOUSEHOLD CHORES FUN.  Get this, you can play “Go Fish” with the pile of clean (or dirty) socks lying around.  Or, hold a Scavenger Hunt to see who can collect and put back the most items in 5 minutes.  Our favorite?  Make one kid Inspector D. Clutter to put stray items in “jail.”  

Now that we’re on the subject of staying active, let’s head on outdoors.  Who doesn’t love PARKS?   What a perfect space to play some games – all you need is an open lawn and let your imagination soar.  Even just setting the kids free to roam or race around will get their energy out in no time!  If you’re curious about some games to play, TODAY’S PARENT has a few great ones to share including some classics like Sardines and Tag.  What about if you get hungry for your picnic lunch BUT still want to play games?  You can have the best of both worlds with our OGO PARKER Activity Play Mat.  What you get is a water resistant mat with graphics that encourage game play – given ones and ones you can make up yourself.  How handy is that?  It even comes with a tote for easy storage.  So yes, you can have your cake and still play too!  

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