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Helping Kids Gain Confidence Through Open Play

As parents, we pride ourselves in helping our children develop and learn about the world around them. We encourage their creativity and support their development. Open play is a form of activities for children that challenges them to both use their mind to be creative, problem-solve, and develop important skillsets at the same time. When incorporating Open Play with outdoor activities we can keep our kids active and help them build confidence in their abilities to problem solve and achieve physical goals.

Why It Is Beneficial for Children to Try Open Play

Playing outdoors provides children with much-needed exercise. It also gives them a way to explore their environment, increase their muscle strength, test their coordination, and gain confidence in themselves. When children play outdoors, they have the opportunity to test and refine their motor skills. They can improve their flexibility, as well as physical, emotional, and social skills.

Children seem to be naturally drawn to the idea of playing outdoors. They want to be able to use their muscles and move their body. Most children will quickly drop whatever they are doing if it means that they will have the opportunity to be outdoors and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Playing outdoors allows children to use their whole bodies. They love how the outdoors allows them to challenge themselves, push themselves to the limits, and find new boundaries to overcome.

Having the Right Toys Makes Open Play More Fun

Parents can encourage their children to spend more time participating in open play, by providing them with toys that offer multiple play patterns and help them to improve their coordination. For example, the MINI OGODISK is designed to serve as a flying disk, as well as a hand trampoline allowing your child to reimagine traditional games like volleyball.

The MINI OGODISK mixes all of the things that children enjoy about a flying disk, with the skill and challenge of bouncing a ball either up in the air or back and forth with someone else. Imagine your entire family taking a couple MINI OGODISKS to the park, and hitting a ball back and forth, playing volleyball, monkey in the middle, and other fun games!

Toys That Help Children Build Confidence

When parents select toys for their children, it is a good idea for to focus on toys that will allow their children to both enjoy playing outdoors and develop self-confidence at the same time. One way to achieve this is to select toys that have a “grow with me feature”. This means that the toy has been designed in such a way that a novice can have fun with it but can change the play pattern to make it more challenging as they grow and adapt their skillset. Parents want what’s best for their children. They want their children to have an enjoyable yet healthy youth. Choosing the right toys, and setting time to play outside are just a few of the things that parents can do to make this a reality.

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