Kooba - Magnetic Target Game



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Kooba - Deluxe Edition
KOOBA, is a cutting edge target game with a brand new play action
Kooba combines the dexterity of darts and the knock-em-out strategy of a classic board game.  Players use the two KOOBA game sticks to fling Aeros, (magnetic projectiles) at a wall-mounted game board. Tactile, kinetic, colorful and engaging, it’s easy to learn, yet always a challenge. New players can jump right in and feel like a pro by the end of their first game - no complicated rules, just take aim and flick the sticks to shoot!  What’s your strategy? Advance yourself or crush your opponent? Safe for indoors, great for outdoors, KOOBA is portable and fully self-contained so you can take it everywhere. Play indoors at parties, rec rooms, man caves, and hip office game rooms or play outdoors at picnics, BBQs, camping trips or backyard get-togethers. Intended for ages 14 and up, KOOBA accommodates 2 or more players.